A board meeting can be productive and enjoyable. But running the board meeting successfully isn’t a simple task. As chairperson, it is your responsibility to ensure that the meeting is productive and everyone is fully involved. A decision that is not on the right track can be costly for your company particularly if they affect the other members of the board.

The board members should be given an agenda with a specific date in advance. Be sure to provide a clear explanation of the reason behind every item on the agenda: Do you want to inform, gather information, or make an agreement? Understanding the purpose behind each subject will help you organize your time better and prevent getting distracted.

Before moving on to other business matters be sure to discuss any old items that require an approval vote or are able to be approved. You don’t want all of your time discussing these items. Instead, give each issue the attention it deserves. If you feel that your board needs to spend too much time discussing past business, consider adding it https://urbanboardroom.com/ to the agenda for the next meeting or asking for a subsequent report to be discussed at another meeting.

If your board meetings take place online Encourage participation by allowing participants to raise their hand when it’s their turn to speak. This helps the chair of the board to recognize everyone and keep the discussion on the right track. Request everyone to turn off their microphones when they are not speaking. This will help to avoid distractions such as pets or children. Make sure to schedule your online meetings outside of meals to keep people from eating in front of cameras.

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