Coil, created by Colin White, has become increasingly popular since 2019. You can also manipulate the network responses by attaching a CallAdapter, which allows you to handle the raw responses and model the response types to your desired types. For more information about this, check out Modeling Retrofit Responses With Sealed Classes and Coroutines.

  • Unlike other libraries, Fresco focuses on working efficiently with memory, especially targeting below Android version 4.x.
  • Local storage is another frequently used solution for Android.
  • Android Studio helps enhance your productivity as it lowers the setup time while standardizing the process of development.
  • And one of the main features is that it is integrated with Jetpack libraries so it provides a direct injection of ViewModels, Navigation, WorkManager, and Compose.
  • Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems, and the demand for Android app developers is on the rise.
  • It is a plugin designed to give you an integrated environment to develop Android applications.
  • Network communication is an essential part of any modern-day application.

They provide improved performance, data management, synchronization, and security. Fresco is also a popular image loading library and has been for a long time, along with Glide. In modern Android development, the data layer consists of repositories, which are exposed to other layers as public interfaces and follow the single source-of-truth principle. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of Kotlin, a new programming language for Android that’s come after Java. In this course, you’ll get hands-on experience in Android app development.

ChatGPT Changed How I Write Software

Portfolios contain an overview of the skills you’ve attained over the years and the projects you’ve worked on. Each app has to be developed in a manner that satisfies the customer’s needs. This requires talking and consulting with clients to learn more about their requirements and specifications. When joining a firm a developer has to assume many responsibilities apart from developing apps.

A key goal of software engineering is to produce code that is clean and easy to maintain. The code is clean when it is simple, readable, and understandable. This is not the case with code where dependency injection isn’t used.

K9 -> Thunderbird for Android

Android accounts for over 85% of the total mobile traffic on websites. Some knowledge of object-oriented programming will be helpful, but not required. You’re overwhelmed at the thought of learning about android/java & coding. Discuss prospects with seniors in this field and look for a project that you can work on. Hiring agencies require experience and there is no better way to portray that other than creating a portfolio.

Android developer roadmap

Once the app goes live, the app developers make sure it runs smoothly and that the build is stable. Minor bugs are fixed via the occasional patches, sent to the public labeled as “updates/upgrades”. One of the best advantages of using this library is that developers don’t need to learn SQL queries because the abstraction layer is extremely concise and easy to understand. It also provides useful features, such as Coroutines, RxJava compatibilities, auto migration strategies, and type converters. Image loading is also an essential part of modern application development, for example, when loading user profiles or other content from the network. Unlike threads, coroutines is purely a user-level language abstraction, so it’s not directly tied to the OS resources and each coroutines object is allocated in the JVM heap.

Android Platform Architecture

They also add new features and tweak an existing android application to update it and make it more user-friendly. This also involves fixing bugs and reconstructing the performance of the application. Integrated Development Environment is a software that brings together the most common tools used by developers in the form of a single graphical user interface. IDE is used for writing and testing software through different phases of development, such as building, coding, and testing. Android Studio helps enhance your productivity as it lowers the setup time while standardizing the process of development.

Android developer roadmap

A freelancer may charge between Rs. 2,000 and Rs.3,000 for a straightforward app. Depending on the client and the project, skilled developers charge between Rs.14,000 and Rs.70,000 per app. Room Database – the database object provides the interface to the underlying SQLite database. An application should only have one room database instance, which may then be used to access multiple database tables. Room is designed to store and handle significant amounts of structured data locally. Under the hood, Room is a persistence library, which provides an abstraction layer over the SQLite database.


With intensive training, practice, learning, and a well-designed course curriculum to shape you into an android developer with the right skill sets, you can become a successful android developer. When android was first launched, it ranked 5th among the most commonly used operating systems for developing applications. Later, as it offered various advantages and was an open-source platform, it soon catapulted to ranking as the #1 mobile platform with time. This has definitely increased the demand for proficient android developers. As per the latest trends, the demand for android applications is on the rise, and this has generated a growth in opportunities for android developers.

Architecture is one of the essential parts of modern Android development, which decides the overall code complexity and expense of your project management. Observer pattern is a behavioral design pattern that allows you to build a subscription mechanism to notify observers automatically of any state changes. If you’re interested in learning more about dependency injection, check out Dependency injection in Android.

Do Android developers need a degree?

So get you laptop and start coding and I wish you all the best in your journey of being an Android Developer. This is an excellent course to teach you to develop android apps using two languages in only one course. You will learn to add images & files & videos to your app, advanced android features, maps & geolocation, Instagram clone, super Mario app clone, and much more apps.

Android developer roadmap

We’ve already discussed RxJava before in the Design Patterns section. One of the advantages of using RxJava is that it allows you to easily control multi-threading problems, such as executing business logic in a background thread and getting results back in the UI thread. If you’re interested in learning more about MVI, Hannes Dorfmann’s Reactive Apps with Model-View-Intent will help you to have a better grasp of MVI architecture.

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